Let’s bring great design and sustainability together.

Combining an excellent quality, unique design with a tailored fit together with sustainable material, was a challenge we were dealing with. We have spent several years on research and development to create the ideal sustainable material for our FUTURE mannequin.

Our mannequin is made of BONPLAST ™ that has several unique and distinctive advantages:

                    • Lightweight, which results in faster and easier dressing and moving of the displays around in the store
                    • Strong, even unbreakable, the durable construction will resist marking and damage
                    • Innovative magnetic systems, for easy dressing
                    • 100% recyclable
                    • no waste, clean production process


The new material, BONPLAST™ is in line with Bonami’s vision on sustainability and our next steps in ongoing sustainable development, which includes green energy and waste management.

The finishing possibilities of our FUTURE mannequin are endless: transparent, raw finish, painted or covered with fabric. Interchangeable faces for different styles, natural abstract or with hand painted make-up. Any shape and size is possible from à la carte to custom made, your imagination is our tool.

To dress our light weighted mannequin even more easily and efficiently, we have created an innovative magnetic joint system, offering you the perfect tailoring in no time.