Creation and Manufacturing

Whether à la carte or tailor-made, our multi-disciplinary team develops every collection of mannequins from scratch, using durable materials with the greatest care. A rarity in the world of display figures, but the benefits speak for themselves: a unique design and a standard of quality that reaches new heights. The mannequins of BONAMI create a perfect fit for your clothes and accessories which results into natural elegance. Here is how it goes.

The idea

First, there is the idea. For this, our team of sculptors finds inspiration from everywhere. It can come from a drawing, the elegant poses of a real model or simply from some striking pictures in fashion magazines. This idea or theme will serve as the silver lining for the entire collection. With this in mind, they now start shaping the basic silhouette out of clay or immediately in 3D.

The prototype

From this first outline in clay, the sculptors continue to add character to the mannequin. They shape and reshape until they have their prototype. This is the first doll so to speak. From this, a preliminary mould is made out of plaster. This mould is then used to make the final production mould in resin.

Production and finishing

Our mannequins can now be manufactured using that mould. While we already suggest certain colors, our clients often give their preferences for spraying the mannequins.  Our make-up artists then finish off the mannequin according to the client’s liking. Depending on the type of mannequin, a wig can also be added.

Off to go!

After checking the quality thoroughly and carefully wrapping our figures, they are ready to depart to their new home base. Our mannequins are already looking forward to shining in-store!