Creation and Manufacturing

Our company, consisting of an atelier, offices and a showroom, is situated in Aalter, Belgium.

Designers, sculptors, craftsmen and administrative personnel work intensively together to manufacture our high-quality display mannequins. From this place, our figures are exported to our distributors and direct customers all over the globe.

A new collection of mannequins is developed by our designers, at least once a year. The creation and fabrication of these mannequins is a labour-intensive period. First of all, a draft is made, inspired by fashion magazines, surroundings, technology and even clients, if the collection is custom-made. Based on this initial draft, our team of sculptors then develops a small figure out of clay, which is called the prototype. This scale model is then shaped and reshaped until the perfect silhouette has been found and a life-sized mannequin can be developed out of clay. Once this life-sized mannequin has the ideal form, a plaster mould is made by our craftsmen and the mannequins can be produced. Finally, the colour and finishing chosen by the client is applied with care on every single mannequin. Our figures are now ready to depart, thoughtfully wrapped, to their new home base.

Ready and set-up to shine.