We are BONAMI Mannequins

BONAMI Mannequins is originally a Belgian family business and expanded into a leading player in the niche of high-end mannequins. We position ourselves on the intersection of fashion and craftsmanship.

Mannequins crafted for fashion”. This is not only our tagline, but it is also truly embedded in what we do every day. BONAMI indeed designs its mannequins from scratch. This craftsmanship is present from the first drawing to the prototype and the finishing of the mannequin. Nowadays, we are also blending this traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, like 3D-printing. Moreover, our mannequins are crafted for fashion, thus for boutiques, global retailers and the like.

Since 1987, we are a renowned player on the international fashion scene. Yet, throughout the years, we’ve always remained loyal to our BONAMI DNA. Excellent quality and unique, trendy designs through responsible entrepreneurship is what differentiates us.

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Delivering excellent quality together with unique designs

Customers want to have a mannequin that is easy to handle when changing clothes. They want to have a mannequin that stands firmly, that is not fragile and does not lose its paint after some time. In other words, customers want to have quality. This is what you will find with us. Moreover, we combine this high quality with unique designs. Our mannequins all strike elegant poses and have facial expressions showing character. As we are convinced that stores are not alike, our dolls come in a wide range of sizes and finishes. We are sure that you will find something for your store!


Fun, Creative, Innovative, Customer-Centric, Belgian

Admittedly, we do not send any cars to space. However, our team is similarly passionate about our products and has a fun time creating and marketing new mannequins. We really want to excite and wow people about our products. Therefore, we are constantly innovating and coming up with unique designs for our customers. Together with our employees, the latter are indeed put first within our company. This translates into a bespoke customer service, both before and after your purchase. Finally, although our customer base is global, we do not neglect our Belgian identity.


Changing culture in the fashion industry

Delivering a high-quality product comes with a price. Many companies talk about corporate social responsibility. Fewer companies walk the talk. BONAMI does not want to cut any corners in its production process and wants to treat every part of it fairly (humans and planet). The triple bottom line is what counts for us. Moreover, we want to lead by example. Therefore, we invite our customers to push for this change together with us, so we can feel good about ourselves.